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2016-12-11 08:33:29 by DanielAnimationz

Well my account got banned from music uploading cause i forgot to thank the original song for it and it was pretty wierd soo im moving to a new account! its called: ProjzReborn Go Follow it!

Amazing GiveAway!!

2016-11-23 09:59:10 by DanielAnimationz

Hi! this is my first Album creation that will reach prob 20 songs Now the give away part is: Everyperson who follows me gets a Free copy of the album! :D its called-dragons&Heros if u wanna join the giveaway go to this link:



2016-11-20 23:03:06 by DanielAnimationz

Hello Guys danielanimationz here and i wanted to ask u How much songs u would like in the Album Called:Dragons&Heros I will say min 10 right?